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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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Minutes of 4.28.12 SBPOA Membership Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 10AM by Chris Keefe in Linda Lewis’s absence.  The following Executive Board members were present: Chris Keefe, Linda Paul, Kathy Jankowski, Sandi Roberts, and Dan Cowell, as well as 14 members of the SBPOA.


The minutes from the 2.11.12 membership meeting were read by Sandi Roberts.  There were no additions or corrections and they were approved as read.


The treasurer’s report was shared by Linda Paul.  The current checking account balance is $27,442.86 and there are 530 SBPOA members so far.  Linda also thanked Ken Baker, SBPOA’s new accountant, for his hard work on our 2011 taxes and for the $700  discount that his company gave us on the bill for preparing the taxes.


Newsletter:  Chris Keefe shared that, because the printer omitted the treasurer’s report from the last newsletter, they will print the fall issue for free.


Neighborhood Watch:  Dan reminded people about the volunteer appreciation dinner at The Bistro at Bear Trap on 5.12.12, starting at 5:30.  So far, 45 people are able to attend. 


Bull Roast:  Saturday, June 9th with a membership meeting beforehand, starting at 4PM.  Charlie K’s will be doing the catering again and the Garage Band will be performing.  Tables and benches will be set up along the perimeter of the park and in the parking lot.  Carol is still in need of volunteers to help with set-up and clean-up.  Costs for additional tickets (beyond the 2 free tickets for each SBPOA member):

Adults - $25

Children - $12

Children under 6 – free


Community Yard Sale:  Michael Matera announced that the annual SBPOA yard sale will be held on May 26th and 27th.  People can sign up by calling Town Hall.  Michael will post signs and will contact The Wave and The Coastal Point to advertise the event.


Unfinished Business:  Chris Keefe outlined the remaining bylaws changes that need to occur to align the bylaws to our new fiscal year.  All changes were approved.


New Business:


Executive Board openings:  Sandi Roberts announced that she has agreed to continue as secretary for another 2-year term and that Chris Keefe has agreed to continue as 1st Vice president for another 2-year term.   Jerry Marciello agreed to chair the nominating committee.  Additional nominations for both positions will be accepted from the floor at the bull roast. 


Meet the Town Council Applicants:  There will be no town election since only three people (Sue Callaway, George Junkin, and Al Rae) filed for the four vacancies on the council and only Kathy Jankowski filed to run for mayor.  The remaining vacancy will be filled by the council.  Al, Sue, and Kathy spoke briefly about their qualifications and what they hope to bring to the council.  Pat Voveris was also present and spoke briefly about being excited to work with the new council.  The new council will be sworn in on June 2nd and Kathy will have a “meet and greet” session that day to get input from property owners. 


Comments/Questions from the floor:

Dan Cowell commented about the algae in the canals this spring and about the clean-up being done by the algae harvester.  Since the machine only cleans the algae in the middle of the canals (so as not to damage docks and bulkheads), residents who live on the canals are encouraged to clean out algae around their bulkheads and docks.


Someone asked if the beach replenishment project was complete.  Kathy explained that the walkways still haven’t been done.  They will be completed by Memorial Day and Mobi mats will be reinstalled.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:50am.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Roberts