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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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Minutes of 4.6.13 SBPOA General Meeting



  • The meeting was called to order at 10:05am.  In attendance were 4 members of the executive board - Chris Keefe, Linda Paul, Sandi Roberts, & Dan Cowell – as well as 17 other SBPOA members & one member of the press.
  • Officer Reports:
  • The minutes of the 10.6.12 membership meeting were approved as read.
  • Linda Paul reported that the current checking account balance is 20,248.95.  She also reminded people that they need to fill out all 3 forms in the newsletter (membership form, bull roast RSVP,& directory form) and return them with this year’s dues.
  • Dan Cowell reported on this year’s Neighborhood Watch program.  No break-ins have been reported in SB in the past 12 months and the SB police department believes the watch program is partially responsible for this statistic.   Dan stated that there were no major problems during this walker season, and reminded everyone that the walker appreciation luncheon is Saturday, May 11 at 11:30am at DiFebos.
  • Old Business:
  • Directory Update – Don Beck did not attend the meeting & has not replied to recent emails, hence the status of the directory is unknown.
  • Pat Voveris gave an update on her plans for this year’s bull roast and asked for an additional $600 to cover expenses.  A motion was made and seconded to give the bull roast committee an additional $600 from SBPOA’s excess funds in checking.  The motion carried.
  • New Business:
  • Chris Keefe read a note from Linda Lewis reiterating the need for new officers and explaining what will happen to SBPOA if no one volunteers to fill the vacancies on the executive board.
  • Chris Keefe read a note from Mayor Kathy Jankowski suggesting that, in light of SBPOA’s shortage of volunteers to fill the executive board, the activities/services of the SBPOA could be performed by the town government and police department so volunteers could be shared between the two groups.
  • Phil Galiano and/or Daphne Galiano have agreed to fill the position of SBPOA President despite very busy schedules, though they are willing to defer to anyone else who may be interested in the position.
  • Diana Cowell volunteered as Vice President and agreed to take over the Neighborhood Watch program.
  • A motion was made and seconded that the SBPOA exec. board investigate the legal ramifications of sharing information with the town.  The motion carried but was later rescinded.
  • Dan Cowell congratulated Linda Lewis for her willingness to step in as president of SBPOA during a difficult time two years ago.
  • A motion was made and seconded that the SBPOA exec. board draft a response to Mayor Jankowski’s suggestion that the activities and services of the SBPOA be combined with those of the town government, indicating that SBPOA will further discuss her recommendations, and will also investigate the legal ramifications of sharing SBPOA information with the town.  The motion carried.
  • It was suggested that a line be added to next year’s membership form that members can check giving permission for SBPOA to share their contact information with the town.
  • Maria Johansen reported that the SB Historical Society sent a thank you letter to SBPOA for the $1000 contribution in the 2013 budget and explained how the money is being used.

  • The meeting was adjourned at 11:20am.


Minutes of Emergency Membership Meeting, May 4, 2013


Linda Lewis opened the meeting with the announcement that the SBPOA's Executive Committee is fully staffed for the upcoming year and thanked all interested residents for volunteering.


·         Linda announced that over 300 people RSVP'd for the Bull Roast this summer.  In prior meetings it had been determined that after 270 people responded that there would be a waiting list.  This meeting was called to determine if the membership wanted to increase the monetary allocation to this event in order to accommodate more people or if they wanted to leave the number at 270 and invoke a waiting list.

·         Linda indicated that typically 30 people do not show up who had RSVP'd.

·         Pat Voveris, who is in charge of the event this year, indicated that we have given the caterer $100 to hold the date. The final bill must be paid a week before the event.  She has calculated $25.18 per person and currently has a budget of $6800.

·         George Junkin made a motion to increase the number of people to 310 and increase the money allocated by $1000.  Dick Oliver seconded the motion.

·         Discussion ensued.  It was determined that May 25 is the actual deadline for the caterer, but Pat felt that was cutting it too close. Some members felt that May 10 should be the deadline regardless of the number of people responding.  Other members felt we should stop at 270 as originally planned and have a waiting list, knowing that we will have at least 30 no-shows. There was a concern with over- crowding as we have never had a turnout of this size.

·         There was also concern voiced over the growing popularity of the event and the fact the event has a cost of $25.00 per person, yet we give two tickets per household when the household pays a SBPOA membership fee of $20.00.  Clearly, either membership dues will have to be raised in the future or a nominal fee of $10.00 per ticket will have to be charged to help cover rising costs. 

·         Jim Gross amended the previous motion.  Barbara Junkin seconded the motion.The final motion was as follows:

Accept all RSVP's up to May 10 and allocate an extra $1500 for the event if needed.”  This amount will theoretically provide for 330 people.

·         Dan Cowell suggested that next year, when we set a limit for RSVPs, for example 270,  that we also set a hard and fast due date, BUT we also indicate that the cut-off for responses is either the number of RSVPs or the date, whichever comes first.


A vote was taken. Two opposed. The motion passed.


Dan Cowell announced that there are 54 attendees for the Neighborhood Watch luncheon on May 11 not counting the Police Department attendees.  All walkers who are interested in attending should call him.


Everyone was reminded to bring their own chairs to the Bull Roast.  Anyone who responded YES to the Bull Roast but can no longer make it, please tell Linda Paul immediately.  


A round of applause was given to LindaLewis and Pat Voveris for all of their efforts with SBPOA and the Bull Roast.

The meeting was adjourned.

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