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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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Minutes of SBPOA 8/28/10 Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10:10AM by Kathy Jankowski with the pledge to the flag.Officers Al Rae, Linda Lewis, Ann Shanks, Kathy Jankowski, Sandi Roberts, and Dan Cowell as well as approximately 50 SBPOA members were in attendance.

Secretary’s Report:Sandi Roberts read the minutes from the 6.5.10 membership meeting.There were no additions or corrections and they were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report:Ann Shanks reported the following:

Balance as of 5/31/10$36,212

Income from 5/31-8/23$3075

Expenses from 5/31-8/23$10,259

Balance as of 8/23/10$29,028

Members as of 8/23/10834

Ed Nazarian asked for clarification regarding SBPOA’s status as “for-profit” or “non-profit.”We are a non-profit organization.

Ann also announced that we are moving $5,000 to a 1.25% interest 14-month CD.

The treasurer’s report was accepted.

Old Business:

Neighborhood Watch:Dan Cowell gave the following overview of the program:

1325 lots in South Bethany

847 homes in South Bethany

7 Neighborhood Watch captains

42 Neighborhood Watch walkers

Dan reviewed the process for distributing the window signs and for doing weekly home watches.He encouraged walkers to either contact a homeowner directly if a possible problem is observed or to contact their captain.

Mike Justice from DE State Police Troop 4 addressed the group and spoke about home safety.Lt. Linda O’Malley from the SB Police Dept. also offered tips for home security and helping the police with preventing property theft.Lt. O’Malley informed everyone that the police department has an engraver that residents can borrow to engrave property.She also stated that the police department is in the process of having refrigerator magnets made with the non-emergency police number, 302.855.2980, printed on them.

Kathy Jankowski reported that $200 was given to William Weeks by the SBPOA in recognition of his selection as South Bethany’s Lifeguard of the Year.Kathy also thanked everyone who attended the beach party on 8/14 to support the South Bethany lifeguards in their national competition.

A representative from the Rehoboth Film Society addressed the group.She talked about the upcoming Rehoboth Beach Film Festival on 11/10 – 11/14 at the Movies at the Midway.She also mentioned other activities sponsored by the Film Society and said that people interested in helping with the festival could call 645.9095 to volunteer.

Committee Reports:

Newsletter:Linda Lewis reported that the next newsletter will be coming out around 9/17 and asked that people contact her with items to include.She also stated that the membership newsletter with the 2011 dues application will be sent out earlier this year to get current information on residents in preparation for the new telephone directory being published and distributed.

Telephone Directory:Christine Keefe and John Stefani reported that they would like to have the new directory completed by Memorial Day 2011.They are currently receiving bids from printers and are looking for volunteers to help with getting ads and organizing the directory.They will be having a meeting in mid-September.

Bull roast:Carol Stevenson reported that the bull roast will be held on Saturday,June 4, 2011.She is currently looking for volunteers to help with planning the event.

New Business:None

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Roberts