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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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FebruaryMinutes of SBPOA 2.12.11 Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10:05AM by Kathy Jankowski with the pledge to the flag.Officers Al Rae, Linda Lewis, Ann Shanks, Kathy Jankowski, Sandi Roberts, and Dan Cowell as well as 10 other SBPOA members were in attendance.

Secretary’s Report:Sandi Roberts read the minutes from the 8.28.10 membership meeting.There were no additions or corrections and they were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report:Ann Shanks reported the following:

Balance as of 12/7/10$43,571

Income from 12/7/10 – 2/12/11$3214

Expenses from 12/7/10 – 2/12/11$7701

Balance as of 2/12/11$39,046

Members as of 2/12/11844

The treasurer’s report was accepted.

There was a discussion regarding why the association had to pay income taxes for 2010.Kathy explained that :

  • SBPOA’s current non-profit status is similar to that of a Home Owner’s Association rather than a civic association.
  • In a typical year, our expenses exceed our income and we have no tax liability.
  • In the years when we collect advertising money for a new phone directory, our income exceeds our expenses; in those years, we have to pay taxes.
  • Kathy looked into the idea of changing our tax status but found that the issue was more involved than she originally anticipated and would require the services of an attorney.She would like to form a committee to investigate this issue and make any necessary changes to our current tax status.

Tony Caputo, a SBPOA member who lives at 110 Brandywine (537-1628), is a retired CPA.Tony volunteered to be on the committee to investigate the tax status issue.

Officer’s Reports:

Neighborhood Watch:Dan Cowell reported that this winter, he has been made aware of one major broken water line, two house fires, and five frozen heat pumps.He suggested that an item be placed in the fall issue of the newsletter with tips on properly winterizing a home.Dan sent an email to all watchers at the beginning of the watch season explaining the procedure they should follow if/when they see a problem at a home they are watching.

Newsletter:Linda Lewis reported that the target date for the next newsletter is 2/18.She has been very pleased with the prices and customer service offered by our new printer.Items for the 2/18 issue include:

  • President’s letter – benefits of SBPOA membership
  • Membership application – due by 3/31/11 (this is earlier than in past years so the information can be included in the new phone directory).The application will include an additional item asking homeowners to specify the phone number they wish to have included in the phone directory.
  • Phone directory update
  • Bull roast update
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Calendar of upcoming SBPOA/town events
  • Description of SBPOA executive board openings
  • Information on annual bulk trash pick-up and new monthly yard waste pick-up

Old Business:

Telephone Directory:Christine Keefe stated that the committee has been very successful with getting ads.There are currently 107 advertisers who have purchased ads in the directory and between 10% and 20% are new.Rogers Graphics in Georgetown will be doing the printing.The new directory may be ready as early as Easter with distribution to homeowners by Memorial Day.

Bull roast:Carol Stevenson has contacted 3 companies about catering this year’s event – Olde South Catering, Em-ings, and Charlie K’s (on Rt. 26 where Bootsie’s Barbecue used to be).While no decision has been made, Carol is leaning toward using Charlie K’s because they are local and purchased an ad in the directory.

New Business:

Dues for 2011/2012: The board recommended that dues remain at $20 per property since there is plenty of money currently in the bank.To control future expenses, it was mentioned that the neighborhood watch luncheon in December could be eliminated and that we just have the appreciation dinner in May.A decision was made to put this item on the agenda for discussion at the 5/7/11 membership meeting.A motion was made and seconded to keep annual dues at $20; the motion carried.

Nominating committee:Linda Lewis volunteered to chair this committee and asked anyone else interested in helping out to contact her.Openings on the board are for the offices of President, Treasurer, and 2nd Vice President.

Welcoming Committee:Kathy suggested that it would be a nice idea to have a committee responsible for welcoming new homeowners to South Bethany.Renee McDorman will send a list of new homeowners to Kathy each month.These names will be forwarded to members of the welcoming committee who will contact the new homeowners and provide them with a copy of the phone directory, a SBPOA membership application, and a copy of the most recent SBPOA and SB newsletters.Bonnie Rae suggested that Kathy contact the SB Women’s Club about getting involved with this.

Other new business:Bonnie Rae suggested that, since the SBPOA currently has a healthy budget, we may want to make a contribution to the town Beautification Committee to put toward the “adopt a canal end” program or to the plan to purchase crape myrtles to be planted in the median on Rt. 1.Kathy will contact Sue Callaway and report back.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Roberts