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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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These photos were taken by Dennis and Sandi Roberts on10/29/12 (during the storm)
between 9am and noon.

                    Assawoman Wildlife Area                                                               corner of Tamarack Drive and Cat Tail

                            canal at West 1st Street                                                         

                                                                            canal at West 3rd Street

                                                                                                      taken from South Anchorage looking toward Canal Drive

                 corner of Canal Drive and Tamarack Drive                                       Canal Drive at West 3rd Street

                                                                                     Tamarack Drive

                                                                                     Tamarack Drive

                    corner of Cleveland and Anchorage                                                     Russell Road canal

                                 Tamarack Drive                                                                  South 2nd Street

                                                                 damage to the dunes at the southern end of town

                              no more dunes  =(                                             taken from South Anchorage looking toward Canal Drive

                     dead end at South Anchorage                                                              West 3rd Street

These photos were taken by George Junkin on 10/30/12 (after the storm) around 8:30am.