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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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Minutes of 6.06.2015 SBPOA Bull Roast Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM by President James Saftich.  In attendance for the SBPOA Board were James Saftich, Linda Whitney, Diana Cowell, Carol Stevenson.  About 160 property owners also attended the meeting.     

Welcome Remarks:  Opening remarks as outlined on the agenda were given by President Saftich. 

a.       Acknowledged beverage donations by Beach Liquor – The Kappes Family, of South Bethany) has donated all the beverages and ice!  Thank you Jerry, Jacque, Scott and Michael Kappes

b.      Acknowledged Kelly Roberts donation (Beach Pilates and Wellness located next to Subway on Rte. 1) to cover the CPA accounting bill for SBPOA (budgeted at $1000).

c.       Acknowledged presence of SBPOA Board  (Diana, Linda, Carol);

d.      Acknowledged presence of the Mayor and Town Of South Bethany Council Members (Voveris, Junkin, Stevenson, Weisgurber, Callaway, Schrader, Saxon);

e.      Acknowledged Bull Roast Volunteers (Linda Whitney, Chair, McNeice, Junkin, Oliver, Cowell, Stevenson, Caputo, Nazerian, Matera, Weisgerber, Roberts);

f.        Thanks were given to Town of S. Bethany staff for assistance with Bull Roast;

g.       Thanks was given to BB Fire Department for tables;

h.      Thanks was given to Tom Godfrey - the musician who will be playing music and who donated his time; and

i.        Other special guests - Police Chief Troy Crowson and his  family


Treasurers Report:  President Saftich announced that the Association is solvent and stated that details are available upon request.

SPBOA Donations:  President Saftich presented a $500 check to the Bethany Beach Fire Department and a $500 check to the Historic Society.

Other Business:  President Saftich announced the following:-

j.        The Board will be looking at ways to raise additional funds for our programs

                                                              i.      South Bethany Apparel – looking for a volunteer.  Celeste Speers volunteered

                                                            ii.      South Bethany Telephone Directory – Need volunteer (s)

k.       New Leader, Neighborhood Watch – Lora Caputo


SBPOA Board Vacancy and elections:  Dan Cowell, head of nomination committee announced there were 5 open positions with candidates as follows:

a.       Executive Board VP, Neighborhood Watch Program, Lora Caputo,

110 Brandywine Drive, 537-1628 ; 

b.      Executive Board, Treasurer, Sandi Roberts

c.        Executive Board VP, Kent Stephan, 46 S. Anchorage Dr., 537-9703;

d.      Executive Board VP, Tom Angelus, 131 New Castle Dr., 215-591-9640

e.      President  - replacing James Saftich – Jack (John L.)  Whitney, 105 Boone Road, 537-7004

President Saftich asked if there were any other nominations.  There were none.  Since there were no additional candidates, the nominated slate was accepted by the SPBOA membership present.

Public Announcements:  President Saftich made the following announcements: -

a.       Tuesday, June 16th 10-12 noon – George Junkin presentation for the SB Historic Society at UD, Lewes (notice to follow)

b.      Historic Society book on sale and membership dues - payable at table

c.       Sue Callaway – She will address the Art Program in South Bethany

d.      Kathy Jankowski - 4th of July float, Movie Night on the beach, Boat Parade

e.      50/50 Raffle – the drawing will be at 6:15 pm.  50% will go to SBPOA.


Invocation:  The invocation before the Bull Roast food was served was offered by Diana Cowell.

Motion to Adjourn:  President Saftich asked for a motion to adjourn and begin to eat.  It was made and seconded.  The meeting was concluded at 5:30 PM.