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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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Minutes of  SBPOA 6.7.14 Membership Meeting


The meeting was called to order by James Saftich.  Approximately 250 members and their guests were present for the annual bull roast. 


Secretary’s Report: Sandi Roberts summarized the minutes of the October 2013 membership meeting.  There were no additions or corrections and the minutes were approved as read.


Treasurer’s Report:  To date, we have 635 paid members.  Sandi asked those in attendance to remind their neighbors to pay their SBPOA dues if they wish to be included in the Neighborhood Watch program in the fall.  Membership forms should be submitted as soon as possible to insure that Diana Cowell orders enough window signs.


New Business:

·        James thanked the nominating committee – Dan Cowell, Diane Nazarian, & Bonnie Rae - and announced their recommendations for officers:

§  Vice Presidents (2-year terms each) – Andrea Lapinski, Phil Raymond, Carol Stevenson, & Linda Whitney.

He asked for other nominations from the floor; there were none.  A motion was made, seconded and voted on to approve the new officers; the motion passed.


     James also thanked Diana Cowell for her work throughout the winter to coordinate the Neighborhood Watch program. 


     In addition, James thanked the bull roast committee members – Diann Nazarian, Pat Wiesgerber, Barbara Junkin, & Mary McNiece – for organizing this year’s bull roast.


     James presented the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company with a donation of $500 from the SBPOA and presented the SB Historical Society with a check for $500 from the SBPOA.


Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned so everyone could enjoy the bull roast and music.