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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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Minutes of 5.7.11 SBPOA Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 10AM by Kathy Jankowski.The following Executive Board members were present: Al Rae, Linda Lewis, Kathy Jankowski, Ann Shanks, Sandi Roberts, and Dan Cowell, as well as 27 members of the SBPOA.

The minutes from the 2.2.11 membership meeting were read by Sandi Roberts.There were no additions or corrections and they were approved as read.

The treasurer’s report for the period 2.8.11 to 5.5.11 was read by Ann Shanks and accepted.

·Balance as of 2.8.11$39,084

·Income$15, 346


·Balance as of 5.5.11$50,569

·Paid property owners691

·Expenses due by 6.4.11$16,200

Dan Cowell made a motion to increase the donation to the BB Fire Dept for the 2010-2011 year from $500 to $1500.The motion was seconded.There was no discussion and the motion passed unanimously.The check for $1500 will be given to the fire department representatives who attend the bull roast on 6.4.11.

President’s Report – Kathy summarized the activities of the past year:

Telephone/services directory:will be printed the week of 5.9.11 and distributed to property owners by Memorial Day.Kathy and Chris Keefe will discuss the details of distributing.The directory includes ±115 advertisers; Kathy reminded those in attendance to thank the advertisers by patronizing their stores and/or calling them for service.Linda Lewis congratulated the directory committee for their success – the SBPOA made a profit of about $5000 on the directory without any taxes being paid on the income.Kent Stephan agreed to investigate ideas to encourage some of our advertisers to contribute to SBPOA on an annual basis.

Welcoming Committee:Jay Headman recently distributed welcome bags to new homeowners.They seemed very appreciative that the town/property owners association reached out to them.For now, Jay will continue with the welcoming; he is working with realtors to get phone numbers for new homeowners so he can contact them.George Junkin would like to have information from the Center for Inland Bays and a flyer about maintaining water quality in the canals added to the other things in the welcome bags.Kathy and Jay will contact local merchants for coupons to put in the bags.

Neighborhood Watch:Dan reminded people about the volunteer appreciation dinner at The Bistro at Bear Trap on 5.11.11, starting at 5:30.Dan spoke briefly about the 3 fires that occurred in SB this past winter and Jay Headman added the following details:

  • None of the fires were criminal in nature.
  • The first was caused by a car catching on fire under the house.
  • The second was caused by a heat lamp being left on in the house.
  • fire but it was electrical.
  • Jay is trying to coordinate with the BBFD to talk with residents in the fall and offer fire prevention tips.

Bull Roast:Saturday, June 4th with a meeting beforehand, starting at 4PM.Charlie K’s will be doing the catering.This year there will be a band playing from 5PM – 7PM.Tables and benches will be set up along the perimeter of the park and in the parking lot.

Beautification Committee:The SBPOA currently covers the expense for the garden area at the entrance to the park and the entrance to Cat Hill at Kent Avenue and Black Gum.Kathy explained that the proposed budget includes a $1500 donation (an increase of $1000 over last year) to the committee to help with the cost to beautify the Rt. 1 median.

Improved Communication:SBPOA and the town will try to coordinate to ensure that current emails are in both databases so residents get email updates.George Junkin suggested that next year, the SBPOA application ask homeowners if it’s OK to share their email address with the town.

Tax Status:A committee will be formed to investigate changes in the current tax status so the SBPOA will not have to continue to file income taxes.

Executive Board openings for 2011-2012: Linda Lewis stated that currently, the following people have agreed to fill the vacancies on the board:

·2nd Vice President – Dan Cowell

·President – John Eckenrode

·Treasurer – Linda Paul

Additional nominations will be accepted from the floor at the bull roast.George Junkin volunteered to help the new treasurer learn how to manipulate the Excel spreadsheet for the SBPOA and agreed to manage the spreadsheet himself if the new treasurer doesn’t feel comfortable doing it.Bob Shanks suggested collecting dues every two years rather than every year to reduce the workload on the treasurer.

Old Business – none

New Business:

Proposed Budget for June 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012

Suggested changes:

·SB Beautification Committee Contribution – increase from $1000 to $1500

·BB Fire Department Contribution – increase from $500 to $1500

·Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon in December – this event cost $1500 last year; the proposed budget would eliminate this event and continue the volunteer appreciation dinner in May.Bonnie Rae made a motion to have a fall volunteer kick-off event at a time when all volunteers could attend (in the evening or on a Saturday) and to budget $2000 for it.The motion was seconded, discussed, and voted on; it passed with a majority vote of those in attendance.

·SBPOA Newsletter – the membership newsletter, which is mailed to every SB property owner, costs ± $2000.The cost to mail 175 copies of the other 3 newsletters to the people who request hard copies is ± $750 per issue.The proposed budget includes $2000 to continue mailing the membership newsletter.The other 3 issues of the newsletter would only be sent electronically to those property owners with email addresses on file, and 25-30 printed copies would be placed at Town Hall for people who want a hard copy.George Junkin made a motion that, for the upcoming year, hard copies of all newsletters continue to be mailed and to budget $2200 for it, since people who have paid their dues for this year did so with the understanding that they would receive hard copies of the newsletter.The motion was seconded, discussed, and voted on; it was defeated by a vote of 12 people in favor of the motion and 13 people opposed.

The proposed budget was voted on and approved with the addition of $2000 for a fall

volunteer kick-off event.

Community Yard Sale:Michael Matera announced that the annual SBPOA yard sale will be held on May 28th and 29th.People can sign up by calling Town Hall.Michael will post signs and will contact The Wave and The Coastal Point to advertise the event.

Dan Cowell asked if the pedestrian walkways in SB could be better labeled to keep bikers from riding on them.It was pointed out that this is a town council issue, not a SBPOA issue.

Jay Headman reminded those in attendance about the June 4th bulk trash pick-up date and the next date for yard waste pick-up, May 10th.

Kent Stephan suggested that Linda Lewis add a “Be a Good Neighbor” column to each issue of the newsletter and include items such as monitoring boat speeds in the canals to avoid wakes, keeping grass clippings out of the canals while mowing lawns, reminding property owners to only put recycling bins and yard waste bags out at the street the day before pick up.Linda said she would appreciate items like that for the newsletter.

Meet the Town Council Applicants:There will be no town election since only two people filed for the 3 vacancies on the council.Jim Gross and Pat Voveris were introduced.Each spoke briefly about his/her qualifications and what each hopes to bring to the Town Council.

The meeting was adjourned at noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Roberts