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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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SPBOA Special Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2015

1. President, Jack Whitney, called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM and lead the Pledge of Allegiance. In attendance for the SPBOA Executive Board were Jack Whitney, Sandi Roberts, Lora Caputo, Kent Stephan, Betsi Baker and Linda Whitney. About 25 members of SPBOA were present.


2. The minutes of the General Membership meeting held on 10.17.2015 were posted in a Constant Contact message to the Membership. There was a motion made and seconded to accept these minutes without reading them here.

3. Members Comments — Bonnie Rae (131 Anchorage Drive) read written comments related to her objection of the Town making payments for a FEMA appeal. This appeal is for the benefit of the ocean side residents on Ocean Drive.

4. Old Business was opened for discussion.

a. Proposed changes to the By-Laws were reviewed. A copy of these was sent to the Membership via Constant Contact for review and comment. President Whitney reviewed the proposed changes. It is noted that more than 10 SBPOA Members were present at the meeting as required by the By-Laws to make changes. A motion was made and seconded to accept these changes to the By-Laws. A vote was taken with no objections.  The revised By-Laws will be available on the SBPOA web site.

b. The status of the non-profit status of SBPOA was reviewed. PresidentWhitney stated he has been unable to review this with a tax attorney but committed to do this before the next General membership meeting. It was noted that the new 2011 articles of incorporation state that SBPOA is a non-profit corporation but the IRS does not yet recognize this. This requires a fee be paid in advance and SBPOA members would like to know the impact of becoming an IRS recognized non-profit organization. The President will try to get answers to these questions and report back to the Members at the next meeting.

5. New Business – None

6. Committee Reports

a. Financial Report – Sandi Roberts reviewed the current financial status of SBPOA.

b. Telephone Directory – Chairperson Betsi Baker reported on the status of the 2016 Directory. Committee member Ed Nazarian reported that he has had much interest in advertisement and will continue his efforts. The Directory will be published by SBPOA and a copy will be given to all residents of South Bethany. Permission will be required before any directory entries are made for individual addresses. The Directory publisher has been selected and the goal is to print by Memorial Day. It was agreed that there would be information in the Directory stating it was prepared and paid for by SBPOA as a community service to all residents of South Bethany. No Directory charges will be made for Town residents who are not members of SBPOA. Most directory work will be undertaken during the winter months. It was suggested that non-members could be allowed to make a contribution for the Directory. However, SBPOA and Directory authorizations will be sent to Town residents in the next month or two.

c. South Bethany Merchandise was discussed. As discussed at the last meeting, the committee has developed plans for sales. The committee is co-chaired by Diana Cowell, Celeste Speer and Jane Bonbright. Diana and Celeste exhibited the shirts they have prepared for sale at McCabe's and other Town activities. These samples were well received and many sales were made after the meeting.

d. Jane Bonbright presented the website she has established for sales. This can be found at She can add additional items if requested by our Members. It should be noted that locally manufactured tee shirts and hats being sold at McCabe's have some markup but these are much less costly than comparable merchandise at normal shops. Additionally, there is no markup on merchandise from Cafepress. The objective is for SBPOA to break even on all sales without losing Association funds.

e. Chairperson, Linda Whitney, reviewed plans for the 2016 Bull Roast. The date has been set for June 4th. She stated that Jimmy's would not be the caterer. It was noted that Hockers is now in the catering business. This option will be explored further along with Bethany Blues and others as may be identified.

f. Lora Caputo discussed the Neighborhood Watch program. She announced the appreciation luncheon would be held on December 2 at DiFebo's restaurant.

5. Presidents Comments – These were read for information only; no action was taken:

a. Council Meeting notes – by Betsi Baker.

b. Inland Bay Foundation (IBF) – has asked DNREC to declare the Anchorage Forebay as a MS.4. It is unknown if the Town agreed to the IBF request in advance of the letter.

c. Univ. of DE study and recommendations for the SB Code. Discussion of what SBPOA action should be – if any.

d. Sea level Rise Study - Study is looking out 50 years and will identify risks and time line for mitigation. The Study will be reported at a Town Council meeting in the future.

e. Ocean Drive - Property Owners Issues with FEMA. Town hasagreed to pay the cost of a Woods Hole Consultant to review the case before making an appeal.(+/-$25k)

f. SB Survey - Return date has closed. SBPOA hopes for high response rate.

g. SBPOA use of email - We encourage increased membership use of email to defray costs and allow for quicker communications.


There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion was passed and the meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am.