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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT                                                     2017-2018


Dear New Neighbor,

We feel you have made an excellent choice on your beach home purchase. Welcome to the community. I am sure you will be delighted by this close-knit community we have. Great people, great beaches, lots of inland bay areas for aquatic adventures, and a very active community association make this one of the most desirable places to live in the Delmarva coast.

In addition to welcoming you as a fellow neighbor, as President of the South Bethany Property Owners Association (SBPOA), on behalf of our membership, you are welcome. SBPOA membership is only $25 per year and you will find that we provide an exceptional group of services as follows:

  • The Neighborhood Watch Program provides for members to have their homes watched between October and April each year from the street level. Problems observed and reported are open doors and windows as well as evidence of frozen water pipes. SBPOA volunteers operate the program. We have "walk around" service if desired. This program offers you a great peace of mind and the placard you place in your window warns unwanted visitors that you are part of our watch program.
  • SBPOA attends nearly all the Town Council meetings and sends email reports to members advising the critical topics discussed - long before minutes are available to the public. We also use our email service to advise members of important events and other issues of common interest or concern.
  • This year, SBPOA is collecting address and telephone information and will publish a Directory for South Bethany. This is a public service and will be available to all residents of South Bethany.
  • SBPOA sells SBPOA apparel (tee shirts, hats, etc.) at a nearly break-even price to the general public. We also have an on-line web site allowing you to purchase additional items with the South Bethany logo. Advertisement of our Town is good.
  • Shore Lines Newsletter is normally published 3 times a year and offers you additional Town information separate from the Town's Zephyr newsletter. Recently, we have sent email announcements with updated Town information for your immediate information.
  • The annual Bull Roast is a SBPOA sponsored catered picnic lunch in June open to all members to kick off the new summer season. Officer elections are also held at the Bull Roast event on alternating years.

To help you get acquainted quickly, we have put this in the 'Welcome to South Bethany'' packet. We hope you find these materials useful.

It is great to see new members of our Community. Welcome! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Joe Mormando

President, South Bethany Property Owners Association