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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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Minutes of  SBPOA 10.19.13 Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:40am.  The following board members were present - James Saftich, Chuck Seliga, Linda Paul, Sandi Roberts, and Diana Cowell;  fourteen other SBPOA members were in attendance.

President’s Report  

James summarized what he sees as recent SBPOA issues:

·        Uncertainties about SBPOA continuing due to vacancies on the board last spring;

·        Overspending on the last bull roast because people committed to coming and then didn’t attend;

·        Several spending categories were under-budgeted in last year’s budget;

·        There is a reduction in membership this year;

·        The board has had difficulty finding volunteers (ie. bull roast, directory).

Secretary Report

The minutes from the 6.1.13 membership meeting were approved as read.

Neighborhood Watch Report 

·        The kick-off in August was attended by 40 walkers.

·        The December luncheon is currently set for 12.10.13 (Tuesday) at Bistro at Bear Trap; since Bear Trap is now under new management, Diana may look at another restaurant.   

·        Diana is keeping in touch with Troy Crowson of the SB Police Dept., who asked that walkers be more alert now for break-ins as more homes are vacant.

·        Diana asked walkers to especially view homes for obvious damage following heavy wind/rain storms.

·        Linda Lewis is the walker for Tern Drive and needs a substitute for the short term; Carolyn Marcello agreed to do it.


Treasurer’s Report

·        Linda presented the proposed budget and explained each line.  The biggest change in next year’s budget is that the board is proposing members pay $10/ticket and SBPOA pay $15/ticket for the bull roast.  Linda also suggested that we let people join SBPOA at the bull roast (this was allowed in the past but not this past June).

·        SB merchandise was added as a line item to the 2014 budget.  James has reached out to several local businesses (Bethany Liquors, Sandcastle Realty) that would be willing to carry SB merchandise and will also contact McCabes.   Diann Nazarian also suggested selling SB postcards & note cards.  James will send out a survey via Survey Monkey to gauge community interest in this idea and will also send an email asking for a volunteer to be in charge of this activity.

·        Diann Nazarian asked whether there would be a new SB directory.  The Historical Society is not interested in taking it on.  James will send out an email asking for a volunteer to organize a committee to create a directory.

·        The proposed budget was unanimously approved as submitted.

New Business

·        James announced that Linda Paul is resigning as treasurer as of January 1, 2014.  Sandi Roberts has agreed to move into the treasurer’s position, which leaves a vacancy in the secretary position.  James will send out an email asking for a volunteer to fill the vacancy on the board.

·        Several members did not receive the Constant Contact email about today’s meeting.  James will look into why this happened, as he just took over responsibility for the database from Linda Lewis.


The meeting was adjourned at 11am.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Roberts