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South Bethany, the Best Little Beach in Delaware

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OctoberMinutes ofthe 10.31.11 SBPOA Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7pm by President, John Eckenrode.Officers present were John Eckenrode, Dan Cowell, and Linda Paul, in addition to 18 other members of the SBPOA.The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Officer’s Reports:

Neighborhood Watch (Dan Cowell) – Dan reminded everyone that the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon is on Saturday, 12/10 and will be a buffet.Walkers are asked to contact their captain by 12/2 to let him/her know whether they are/are not attending.

Committee Reports:

Tony Caputo presented the final report and recommendations of the Expenditure Committee.At the conclusion of his presentation, the following motions were made, seconded, voted on, and passed (Motion, Second):

·To pay the estimated $1700 in taxes due this year (already budgeted) and simply write checks to organizations as SBPOA has done in the past, rather than trying to write them to a particular vendor in an effort to minimize tax liability.(Kathy Jankowski, Mary Suazo)

·To change the “Oyster Farming” line item in this year’s budget to “Water Quality,” since Oyster Farming is a subcommittee of the Water Quality Committee.In years when the oyster farming project doesn’t need money, the Water Quality Committee can use the funds for other projects.(George Junkin, Ed Nazarian)

·To spend $1825 to purchase a defibrillator, spine board/backboard, and head immobilizer for lifeguarding SB’s beaches.(George Junkin, Michael Matera)

·To donate $1000 to the SB Historical Society to establish the society and preserve artifacts and documents that are collected.There is no expectation or commitment to continue this level of support from SBPOA in future years.(Maria Johansen, Barbara Junkin)

·To spend $1000 to purchase a computer, printer, and necessary accounting software for the SBPOA treasurer to carry out the business of the association.The computer will be transferred to each treasurer.(Tony Caputo, Bonnie Rae)

·To donate an additional $3500 to the SB Beautification Committee for projects such as the creation of bioretention areas in the Rt. 1 median, and the purchase/construction of new trash receptacles/barrels at each of the walkways along Ocean Drive.(John Speer, Sandi Roberts)

·To donate an additional $3500 to the SB Water Quality Committee for projects such as testing aeration in the canals and creating bioretention areas to catch run-off from Rt. 1.(George Junkin, Dennis Roberts)

·To increase the current newsletter budget by $300 to cover the cost of periodic updates to the directory/buyer’s guide.It was agreed that the updates should not replace the current directory because a commitment was made to advertisers that the current directory would not be updated until 2013.It was also decided that future newsletters would include an item letting people know that copies of the directory are still available.(Diane Nazarian, Ed Nazarian)

·To work with the new accountant to synchronize SBPOA’s tax year and fiscal year so both run from June 1st to May 31st.(Tony Caputo, George Junkin)

Unfinished Business:

Dan Cowell initiated a discussion about what future directories should look like and how they should be done. A motion was made and seconded to adopt the recommendations of the Expenditure Committee with regard to future directories, including eliminating ads, using membership dues to cover the cost of printing the simplified directory (estimated cost = $2.00 per copy), and distributing directories to members only since dues would be paying for the printing.These changes would eliminate tax implications for future directories.(George Junkin, Kathy Jankowski)

The motion was voted on and defeated.

New Business:

Sandi Roberts read a note from Pat Voveris, Treasurer of South Bethany, dated 10/31/11 that read, “I would like to thank the SBPOA for their efforts in allocations toward the improvements and activities of our Town.These efforts are not only generous, but in the spirit of a small town.”

John Speer expressed his concern about the three recent resignations from the SBPOA Executive Board.Several theories were suggested as possible reasons for the resignations and comments were made by two of the board members who have resigned.George Junkin volunteered to work with Dan Cowell to form a committee in John Eckenrode’s absence (he will be out of the country for the next five months, starting 11/1).The purpose of the committee would be to better discern the reasons for the resignations, brainstorm solutions that may prevent additional resignations, and find volunteers to fill the existing openings on the Board.

Linda Paul asked for input regarding what should be done about a $5000 CD that is coming due soon.A decision was made to deposit the money into the checking account to help with paying for the $11,125 of additional expenditures that were approved at the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05pm.